The relationship between people and plants is closely linked with many of the global issues facing humanity, from climate change to conflict, poor health to poverty. By asking one simple question: Which plants mean the most to you? – “The Plant Stories Project” aims to record and disseminate stories that depict the many and varied aspects of the relationship between people and plants across the globe. The project will be carried out by husband and wife team Malcolm Rutherford and Amanda Armstrong.

The project consists of ‘profiles’ gathered by recording people’s answers to the aforementioned question.  We will take a photographic portrait of the person interviewed, and put it alongside their story, along with a more detailed botanical record of the plant(s) mentioned by them. We intend to begin the recording process in various East African countries from September 2011 until May 2012, and depending on the success of this initial stage we will potentially continue into other parts of the world. Our aim is to share the stories collected with as broad an audience as possible.  This project combines the visual impact of photography with the powerful human impact of hearing someone else’s story, engaging the viewers with a literal and metaphorical snapshot of another person’s world.


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  1. Hey Malcolm…on a distantly but relatively similar note, have you heard of the couple cycling around the world, documenting ‘youth’ culture? The Geography of Youth (http://geographyofyouth.org/) is what it is called. Really great photography, and an interesting concept. Check it out, when you get the chance, for some inspiration.


  2. Sunil

    Hi there,
    I saw the video which you posted in Train travel in Tanzania and Zambia. It is pretty good and I feel that I had journey to Zambia. Presently I am in Dar es Salaam and planning to visit Zambia. I was in that intention that the train journey to Zambia is not safe. After watching your video, of course i will take a chance to go by train only. Thank you very much for posting video.
    All the best
    Sunil Nair

  3. Rory


    I too watched your video on the TAZARA railway after seeing an excellent documentary called African Railway by Sean Langan on BBC4 last night. Yours is a great video and it reminded me of my time on the ‘Lunatic Express’ is Kenya! It’s odd how we end up visiting the websites we do but I was glad to stumble across yours!

    Best wishes


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