The end of Africa

In a few short weeks we will be back leaving this continent for the UK which is both sad and exciting.

In the last month we have travelled from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Back to Kira Farm, Uganda overland (and water). Google maps said it should take 44 hours but we took a little longer. Depending on which route you take it is about 3200 km. We have spent about 130 hours on buses, trains, and a boat, and had some interesting experiences along the way featuring men with guns and driving past fresh new refugee camps. We have recorded no plant stories in this time as we have not stopped anywhere long enough to get to know people. We have seen some amazing things along the way that relate to plants and plant based food.

Rwanda and south west Uganda must be some of the most productive agricultural areas there are. And they are beautiful. Rwanda is known as the land of one thousand hills and this hilly landscape extends into Uganda. The agriculture is carried out on steep hill slides with terraces. This gives the landscape the appearance of having been draped with a green and brown patchwork quilt and is stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately we do not have great photos as we were only there for 3 rainy days and all the photos we took were out the bus window but here is one (out the taxi window) from the road between Kisoro and Kabale. IMG_6936 (800x600)

While we have not recorded any stories recently, we have put some work into cleaning up audio files, editing, and organising photos. Upon our return to Oxford we plan to contribute our material to the development of a Plant Stories audio walking tour at the Oxford Botanic Gardens, and hopefully put together an exhibition too. We have had very slow internet for quite some time now so it has been difficult to upload our work. We are looking forward to the UK and faster internet speeds.

Until then we are doing a weeks travelling in Uganda to some forest areas, and to the tourist mecca of Jinja. We will spend most of our last week at the wonderful Kira Farm, where we began our African journey.



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3 responses to “The end of Africa

  1. mikeneglia

    I’m drinking some Rwandan coffee at the moment. Glad to hear you’ll be back in the UK soon enough. I’d love to pop over to Oxford and visit you guys once you arrive!

  2. Enjoyed ‘following’ you around on your adventures and looking forward to hearing about when you are back in Oxford – if you need a place to stay let us know.

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