Working on outputs

A large focus of the Plant Stories Project is the educational outputs which we intend to produce. The aim is to put resources on the web so that individuals or organisations can piece them together ways that are most useful to them. We are still working on exactly how this will come about, but the first step is to get some of the photos with attached stories we have written down on flickr. We have added a photo bar to the side of this blog which randomly displays photos from the collection on flickr.  We already have a few videos on vimeo, and  have just started putting some of the audio we have collected on Soundcloud.  We are also working on some downloadable pdfs which pull together information on the plants for which we have stories. All in good time. All in good time.

There is a lot of work to be done and high speed uninterrupted internet is not always available in Zimbabwe but we are doing our best.   Hopefully we’ll get a whole lot of photos up, with stories in the coming week. Enjoy


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