Hlekweni–and drip irrigation

After a fantastic 10 days travelling around some of the sites in Zimbabwe we are at Hlekweni Rural Training Centre near Bulawayo. We arrived in time for a four day break over Easter which was a great way to recoup some sleep after a number of early morning starts.

We have now been here just over a week and have mainly been working with computers and some brochure design etc. but we have also been out and seen what some of the students are working on.

A recent development has been the installation of a drip irrigation system. Food here is expensive and rains have been irregular at best. A bore hole and drip irrigation system is a sure way to guarantee your crops will produce fruit.  It is quite something to look at fields of maize that have failed. Digging and planting are all done by hand here so the first problem is the lack of return on time invested. The second and bigger problem is that you may not have enough food to feed your family.  Food in Zimbabwe is much more expensive than in the UK yet a teacher at a private school in Harare might only earn $1000 USD a month and the average income is just $313 per year. The World Food Program is doing its bit in some areas of Zimbabwe, but that is not an ideal long term solution.

 IMG_5644 (800x600)IMG_5657 (800x600)IMG_5668 (800x600)


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