Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology–Arusha

We are in Tanzania at the Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology 16 km from Arusha. The institute is a brand new initiative which aims become a world class research institution. The first intake of around 100 masters and PhD students arrived in October and are working hard to get their qualifications.

In the future a much larger campus will be established on a 3000 acre site about 60km away. This site will be managed as an Eco Park.

Amanda and I have the fun job of dreaming up all the things that could be part of such a park, and working on a conceptual framework and philosophy under which the whole project will be created. 

So far we are working on 20 activity areas within the site ranging from a medicinal plant research garden, to a wastewater management wetland.

Our brains haven’t worked this hard in a while so it is good exercise. We expect that all of the ideas will be changed and that some won’t be implemented at all, but it is a whole lot of fun dreaming up ways to fill 3000 acres with sustainable goodness.

We are here for another 10 days or so then head to Dar es Salam. We will get some great Plant Stories recorded here too I’m sure. I think we have one lined up for this evening.


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One response to “Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology–Arusha

  1. Dorothy

    Dear Amanda and Malcolm
    So pleased for you that you are having such a marvellous opportunity to be taking part in this venture at the eco farm of the Nelson Mandela Africa Institute for Science and Technology. A lovely change for you.
    We do hope that you are both keeping well.
    God bless you both
    Lots of love and very best wishes to you in all you doing and hope to achieve.
    Auntie Dorothy

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