fail… again


We are in Goa. The most recent state to join the union of states that is India. It is a great pace and among the Portuguese churches, and smokey blue paint crumbling off walls are some spice farms. We decided to visit one. 300 years old. very touristy.  It was interesting, but could have been much more so. Our guide had excellent english, and we asked him a lot of questions about the spices and various other plants. At the end of the tour we explained that we are  working on a project recording the story of which plant people consider to be most important in their life. He said he had to go and take another tour.

” But it will only take a few minutes so we could do it now, or later after your next tour”.

“I’ll need to talk to the administration”

“Hi. Welcome to our spice farm… you want to bring your crew in and film our farm?”

“no, it is just the two of us.  It’s a very small project, for education…. And could be some free advertising for your farm”

“Well. you should have told us you were coming. The owner is not here at present so i’m afraid you will not be able to carry out your project here.”



This was quite a frustrating experience. One of many in trying to ask people about plants in India.  In a few days we return to Africa and will make our way down through Tanzania, to Zambia, and in March to Zimbabwe. I’m sure things will go better for us there. Until we leave we we will continue to suck up the richness that is India.





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  1. Dorothy

    Dear Amanda and Malcolm
    Oh! My! what frustrations, but you still have a wonderful story to tell and also some amazing photos of seeing the ‘real’ India and meeting all sorts of people whom the average tourist will not see. The bureaucracy is incredible and so many rules and regulations with much protocol etc. Seems like the rules are quoted and not a lot of listening to the speaker / tourist. How frustrating when you could help so nicely ‘free’ without the trappings of the wealthy get rich quick entrepeneurs. Probably these poor people are not used to a genuine person who just wants to quietly help without a lot of fuss and bother. We are sure you must have some beautiful memories of many lovely uncomplicated people as well as unusual places and experiences.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    We do hope that your flight to Africa goes without any hitches and also that you are both keeping in better health.
    May God bless you both and keep you safe.
    With every good wish
    Love from all of us.
    Auntie Dorothy.

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