Slow times for Plant stories


While we intended to be on a camel near the Pakistan border this week we find ourselves in Goa. We missed out on a train ticket which we had worked quite hard to get (it turns out the tourist tickets are available a day before the train leaves the first station, not a day before you intend to get on the train).

So. beaches, swimming, relaxing, reading, and cogitating are our current activities. We intended to get some more stories about spices and whatever else comes up here in Goa, but Amanda has a stomach bug, bringing the number of days of complete health during 2 months in India to ….. zero. It is still an amazing place and the relationship people have with plants here is fascinating. 

We spent a few days in Hampi, the site of many many ancient ruins. Also the site of rice paddys. I got some fun shots, to support the story of George from Uganda who told us Rice was the most important plant to him.




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  1. Dorothy

    Dear Amanda and Malcolm
    Thank you for letting us read your further bulletin.
    Oh! gee! it is rather difficult when one does not know the system of train booking in India and the idiocyncracies of it. You have written in a very cheerful way despite your frustrations and problems.
    I am so sorry you both have had poor health and especially Amanda with tummy trouble. That must be quite difficult when you are travelling around and of course the food probably different from what you are normally used to. Have you both been able to somehow access clean safe water to drink, wash fruit etc? I really hope that you both will feel better soon. It is good that despite you not always getting to places intended that you have had the opportunity to see and be in some other interesting places and have time by the sea, which I know you both love.
    How is your shoulder Malcolm? Hope it is easing. Has your knee healed now?
    God bless you both.
    With love and very best wishes to you both from all of us,
    Auntie Dorothy

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