Leaving Kira Farm

Sadly our 3 months being based at Kira Farm Training Centre in Uganda has come to an end. We managed to fit in a quick safari before we left in Murchison falls National Park. It was great but a little like flicking through a book on African wildlife – we saw a lot but didn’t have time to stop and watch things (for the hours I would have liked to) as we had to move on and see the next interesting thing. We saw some great animals and some magnificent plants. Acacia trees and palms, and vast grass lands. I was amazed at the sheer volume of animals supported by the grasslands.

 IMG_3068 (2) (800x396)

It is such a productive system. As with so many places, I would love to go back with a local botanical guide and ask lots of questions, and also get out of the vehicle even though being eaten is a possibility.

In our last week at Kira we recorded plant stories for some of the students and staff. We discovered that to many of the students our pronunciation of the word plant sounds exactly like plan. Many students from the north of Uganda don’t really sound the letter ‘t’ at the end of words so it is understandable. More than once we heard that someones most important plant was to go back home, start a small business, and feed and pay school fees for their family members. We are now collecting the best interviews gone wrong for our ‘out takes’ reel. We did hear about the shea tree, maize, oranges, sweet potatos, artemisia annua, frangipani, eucalyptus among others.

Leaving was very sad. We were surrounded by singing hugging sometimes crying students as we walked slowly to the gate and as we walked they gave us flowers so that by the time we left we had the most fantastic bunch of tropical flowers – which we then gave to the village children much to their delight.IMG_3501 (600x800)IMG_3529 (800x600)


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  1. Dorothy

    Dear Amanda
    You look lovely. What beautiful flowers. How kind and sweet of those students. Do hope that you and Malcolm are well over the rigours of the food poisoning and travelling to get out of Africa. Enjoy your time in India. Best wishes for your brother’s wedding over the weekend.
    Lots of love to you all from all of us.
    God bless
    Auntie Dorothy

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