Stories so far…

After almost 3 months we are starting to get the hang of collecting plant stories. We are learning when we are able to ask someone about a story, and when we shouldn’t. We are trying to get quality rather than quantity. I am taking more time over the portrait side of the photography and we are also starting to build up a fairly serious bank of photos of plants.  We have interviewed about 20 people so far but in the next week we should double that number.


I thought I would share the list of plants we have collected stories for so far.  Most of these are peoples most important plant, but some are plants they have mentioned during our questions.

Beans, Passionfruit, Lablab, Maize, Oranges, Bannanas, Vernonia Amygdalina, Beans, Vanilla, Cassava, Giant Lobelia, Blackjack, Sausage tree, Papyrus, Avocado, Rice, Mango, bananas, Prunus africana, Calliandra, mukuzanyana (Blighia unijugata), Kifabakazi (Spathodea campanulata), Mumuli (Holoptella grandis), Lusambia (Markamia lutea), Musuzi (Maeopsis eminii), nkago ( Funtumia elastica) pawpaw, Sweet potato, bombo (Momordica balsamina)

Other than for a few of the staple foods, we have had almost no overlaps which has been exciting too.

We are one week away from leaving Kira Farm which has been our home for almost 3 months. We are heading to Masindi and going on a one day safari this weekend which will be very exciting – new habitat – new animals – new plants – hopefully a few new stories. Then we have a few days in Kenya before we head to India. Very exciting times ahead.


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