Mabira stories

Here is a little something we put together because today is blog action day, and world food day.

Blog action day is about food this year – and a large part of our Plant Stories Project is about food. We are finding that in Uganda – where food is not always cheap and easy to get the most important plants to people are those that feed them, or those that cure them from sickness.

This brief video tells part of the story of Fasila who lives right on the edge of the forest and almost finds life itself in the forest. After the end of the interview you will hear she went on to say something along the lines of without the forest she would die. We weren’t sure whether she meant she would die to protect the forest or whether she could not live without the products she gets from the forest. Unfortunately – because we are rookies at recording we missed that part when the batteries ran out on our dictaphone. oops.



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3 responses to “Mabira stories

  1. mikeneglia

    Super cool Malc. Great job!

    • thanks mike – windows movie maker + very slow internet + power cuts means it was quite a challenge to put that together and get it uploaded but it turned out ok. She had amazing stories – she told us about 10 or 12 different plants she uses but we knew there were dozens more she could have mentioned.

  2. Brenda Armstrong

    I loved the Marimbas playing while the video showed amazing forest scenes. This message is so important that I hope that films like this will help in some way to save the forests from destruction. Did you know that the Shona word for medicine is the same as that for trees..’muti. ? Keep up the great work!

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