Beans because of Bacteria

Just after we arrived here at Kira Farm the students planted a just under an acre of tomatoes. They grew well and some had flowered then they were hit by something I had never heard of. Bacterial Wilt. I thought at first that they had wilted due to the heat, but it had rained, the soil was damp and I could see no reason for them to be wilting. After a week or so about one quarter of them looked ill. It turned out the same thing had happened last year but the conclusion then was that a student had got the roundup and the insecticide mixed up, or something like that. So. No tomatoes.

The area has now been planted in beans although a few hope filled students have kept some or all of their tomatoes as they seemed to be in areas where tomato death had occurred.

IMG_0118 (800x600)


It is frustrating to have to plant an area twice within a month but hopefully beans are a sure winner. We now have large areas of white maize, upland rice, and beans. We also have a large cassava plot, and some sweet potatoes. We are about to plant out some carrots, collards, and onions. We’ll also plant some bell peppers (far from the tomato area – being in the same family (Solanaceae) they too will most likely be effected).

I am mastering the hoe, and although far from leathery (the local standard) my hands are toughening up.


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