After what feels like a bit of a rough start we have recorded our first plant story. It was brief and brilliant. Herbert is the Animal Attendant here at Kira farm, and I have enjoyed getting to know him. He has 2 cows and 16 goats that he looks after so well. I explained our project to him, and he was more than happy to share some stories with me. He has a good enough command of the English language to hold a decent conversation but as we often find here, he lacks the depth and breadth in his vocabulary to explain things in great detail. All the same he gave some great responses to my questions. Essentially Herbert likes beans because 1. you can eat them and make sauce out of them, 2. you can grow them and sell them, and 3 because they contain vitamins. Game on. End of Story. Say no more. Wahoo. 

If I was to do the interview over I would ask a lot more details about the aforementioned beans, and in future interviews we will continue questioning much more extensively than I first thought necessary. The good thing is that Herbert lives about 200m away and I see him every day, so i’ll get some more information about the value of beans, how he grows them etc etc etc.

I don’t have any photos yet because my camera is still stolen. Luckily Phil who runs Amigos (which started Kira farm) is coming out on Monday and is bringing my new camera with him. Exciting.



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3 responses to “Beans

  1. Jolly good old bean. What sort of photo-camera did you end up going with?

  2. Malcolm Rutherford

    canon sx230. There were a few sacrifices in getting it but the main problem I have with canon point and shoot cameras is that they are rubbish in low light – an issue specifically addressed with this model. we’ll see how it goes. It’ll be good to be back in the land of the pocket sized camera, and i’ll enjoy the challenge of getting better shots than expected from a small camera.

  3. Hmmm. Nice. I look forward to seeing how it goes. The S95 didn’t tickle your fancy?

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